20 million people can’t be wrong!

Get cheap flights fast with Skyscanner – the world’s best flight search app. Join over 20 million people already using our highly-rated apps. Compare millions of flights and 1000 airlines in seconds. Skyscanner: It’s fast, it’s flexible, it’s free… it’s essential.

Need to find cheap flights on the go? Save money, save time, with Skyscanner. With our comprehensive coverage, you can search millions of flights from 1000 airlines around the world – both low-cost and scheduled – to find the perfect flights at the cheapest price. Then buy tickets directly from the airline or via a travel agent – all in a few taps.

– Everywhere search – want to get away, but don’t know where? Let us inspire you.
– filter results by price, airline, and take-off and landing times
– chart view: see prices across a week or a month
– spin the globe to find destinations from your departure location – see how much you could save if you fly to or from a nearby airport
– tab view: easily compare your searches
– available in more than 29 languages and over 70 currencies



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